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Fletcher Class List

Note: According to tradition, U.S. Navy classes are named for the lowest-hull-numbered ship in the class. When built, the USS Fletcher (DD-445) was that ship for this class. In 1949, however, some ships of this class were designated as Escort Destroyers (DDE). At that point, the USS La Vallette (DD-448) became the lowest-hull-numbered ship of of the ships that stayed as DDs and, therefore, starting in 1949 some of these ships would have been properly known as La Vallette-class destroyers.

DD-445 USS Fletcher DD-572 USS Dyson
DD-446 USS Radford DD-573 USS Harrison
DD-447 USS Jenkins DD-574 USS John Rodgers
DD-448 USS La Vallette DD-575 USS McKee
DD-449 USS Nicholas DD-576 USS Murray
DD-450 USS O'Bannon DD-577 USS Sproston
DD-451 USS Chevalier DD-578 USS Wickes
DD-465 USS Saufley DD-579 USS William D Porter
DD-466 USS Waller DD-580 USS Young
DD-467 USS Strong DD-581 USS Charrette
DD-468 USS Taylor DD-582 USS Conner
DD-469 USS De Haven DD-583 USS Hall
DD-470 USS Bache DD-584 USS Halligan
DD-471 USS Beale DD-585 USS Haraden
DD-472 USS Guest DD-586 USS Newcomb
DD-473 USS Bennett DD-587 USS Bell
DD-474 USS Fullam DD-588 USS Burns
DD-475 USS Hudson DD-589 USS Izard
DD-476 USS Hutchins DD-590 USS Paul Hamilton
DD-477 USS Pringle DD-591 USS Twiggs
DD-478 USS Stanly DD-592 USS Howorth
DD-479 USS Stevens DD-593 USS Killen
DD-480 USS Halford DD-594 USS Hart
DD-481 USS Leutze DD-595 USS Metcalfe
DD-482 USS Watson DD-596 USS Shields
DD-498 USS Philip DD-597 USS Wiley
DD-499 USS Renshaw DD-629 USS Abbot
DD-500 USS Ringgold DD-630 USS Braine
DD-501 USS Schroeder DD-631 USS Erben
DD-502 USS Sigsbee DD-642 USS Hale
DD-507 USS Conway DD-643 USS Sigourney
DD-508 USS Cony DD-644 USS Stembel
DD-509 USS Converse DD-649 USS Albert W Grant
DD-510 USS Eaton DD-650 USS Caperton
DD-511 USS Foote DD-651 USS Cogswell
DD-512 USS Spence DD-652 USS Ingersoll
DD-513 USS Terry DD-653 USS Knapp
DD-514 USS Thatcher DD-654 USS Bearss
DD-515 USS Anthony DD-655 USS John Hood
DD-516 USS Wadsworth DD-656 USS Van Valkenburgh
DD-517 USS Walker DD-657 USS Charles J Badger
DD-518 USS Brownson DD-658 USS Colahan
DD-519 USS Daly DD-659 USS Dashiell
DD-520 USS Isherwood DD-660 USS Bullard
DD-521 USS Kimberly DD-661 USS Kidd
DD-522 USS Luce DD-662 USS Bennion
DD-526 USS Abner Read DD-663 USS Heywood L Edwards
DD-527 USS Ammen DD-664 USS Richard P Leary
DD-528 USS Mallany DD-665 USS Bryant
DD-529 USS Bush DD-666 USS Black
DD-530 USS Trathen DD-667 USS Chauncey
DD-531 USS Hazelwood DD-668 USS Clarence K Bronson
DD-532 USS Heermann DD-669 USS Cotten
DD-533 USS Hoel DD-670 USS Dortch
DD-534 USS McCord DD-671 USS Gatling
DD-535 USS Miller DD-672 USS Healy
DD-536 USS Owen DD-673 USS Hickox
DD-537 USS The Sullivans DD-674 USS Hunt
DD-538 USS Stephen Potter DD-675 USS Lewis Hancock
DD-539 USS Tingey DD-676 USS Marshall
DD-540 USS Twining DD-677 USS McDermut
DD-541 USS Yarnell DD-678 USS McGowan
DD-544 USS Boyd DD-679 USS McNair
DD-545 USS Bradford DD-680 USS Melvin
DD-546 USS Brown DD-681 USS Hopewell
DD-547 USS Cowell DD-682 USS Porterfield
DD-550 USS Capps DD-683 USS Stockham
DD-551 USS David W Taylor DD-684 USS Wederburn
DD-552 USS Evans DD-685 USS Picking
DD-553 USS John D Henley DD-686 USS Halsey Powell
DD-554 USS Franks DD-687 USS Uhlmann
DD-555 USS Haggard DD-688 USS Remey
DD-556 USS Hailey DD-689 USS Wadleigh
DD-557 USS Johnston DD-690 USS Norman Scott
DD-558 USS Laws DD-691 USS Mertz
DD-559 USS Longshaw DD-792 USS Callaghan
DD-560 USS Morrison DD-793 USS Cassin Young
DD-561 USS Prichett DD-794 USS Irwin
DD-562 USS Robinson DD-795 USS Preston
DD-563 USS Ross DD-796 USS Benham
DD-564 USS Rowe DD-797 USS Cushing
DD-565 USS Smalley DD-798 USS Monssen
DD-566 USS Stoddard DD-799 USS Jarvis
DD-567 USS Watts DD-800 USS Porter
DD-568 USS Wren DD-801 USS Colhoun
DD-569 USS Aulick DD-802 USS Gregory
DD-570 USS Charles Ausburne DD-803 USS Little
DD-571 USS Claxton DD-804 USS Rooks

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