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While researching our titles, we have found many great web sites and publications. The references that directly pertain to one of our products can be found on the product's general page. You can reach any product general page via the All Titles page.

General References

  • Kevin Husley Illustration, Inc - He does great work and provides tutorials on how to do cutaways.

  • Flight Manuals on CD - Great selection and has download option.

  • Thirty Thousand Feet™ - is the most complete aviation directory on the web. .

  • Federal Standard 595 Color Server - a Internet service devoted to providing information about colors in the FED-STD-595B specification.

  • IPMSStockholm.org - is a webzine dedicated to the art of plastic scale modelling.

  • Aircraft Manuals Blueprints Video Publications - A great source of blueprints, parts catalogs, and engine repair manuals.

  • Last of the Flying Clippers The Boeing B-314 Story By M.D. Klass; ISBN: 0-7643-0562 - The definative book on the Flying Clipper.

  • Graphic War The Secret Aviation Drawings and Illustrations of World War II By Donald Nilboer ISBN 978-1550464245 - Features many drawings of Peter Endsleigh Castle

  • Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II By Graham White ISBN: 1-56091-655-9 - A great overview of World War II aviation engine technology.

  • Me 262 Volumes 1-4 By J. Richard Smith and Eddie J. Creek ISBN: 1-903223 10 5 - Everything that you wanted to know about the Me 262 but where afraid to ask.

  • The Long Way Home By Ed Dover ISBN: 1-888962-07-0 - The story of how a B-314 that was stranded on the far side of the world on December 7th got home.

  • 747 Creating the World's First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures From a Life in Aviation By Joe Sutter ISBN: 978-0-06-088241-9 - The story of the creation of the Boeing 747 by the man who lead the design team

  • The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships By C. Nepean Longridge ISBN: 0 85344 091 3 - The Naval architecture of the 17th century will amaze any 21st century engineer. The original draughts of 1765 are works of art

  • Hank Caruso's AEROCATURES

  • 77th FS 7th Air Force ACG
  • Pacific Wrecks
  • Bent Porp
  • The Fighter Pilot University

  • Vietnam War Resources

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