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Spitfire Cutaway Wood ModelSpitfire Cutaway Wood ModelSpitfire Cutaway Wood Model
Spitfire Cutaway Wood Model
Spitfire Cutaway Wood Model
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Product Description
The cutaway is created from over 3,000 original Supermarine construction blueprints and photographs. The left hand side of the cutaway shows the exterior view of The Old Flying Machine Company's Spitfire Mark IX (MH434) as it was in 1943. The right hand side exposes all of the inner workings of a Spitfire such as the Rolls-Royce Merlin 63 engine, flight controls, radios, etc. Also included are the topview of the aeroplane to depict the wings and the frontview to, hopefully, the depict how the Spitfire was seen in the Luftwaffe pilot's rearview mirror.

The most famous military aircraft of all time and one of the most beautiful ever built, the Spitfire is perhaps chiefly remembered as the symbol of the Battle of Britain. The Spitfire was developed by Supermarine's brilliant chief designer, R.J. Mitchell, and was the only British type in continuous construction throughout World War II. During WWII, thanks to constant improvements and modifications, the Spitfire was never outclassed as a short-ranged piston-engined interceptor apart from a brief period in 1941-1942, when it first encountered the Focke-Wulf FW-190. When production finally ceased in 1949, more than 22,000 Spitfires and Seafires (the naval version of the Spitfire) had been built in some forty different variants.

Size: 22" x 16"

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