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Uncovering the Boeing B-52HUncovering the Boeing B-52HUncovering the Boeing B-52H
Uncovering the Boeing B-52H
Uncovering the Boeing B-52H
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By Danny Coremans

Every facet of the B-52 is revealed in almost 500 photographs.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of all the books in of Danny Coremans' Uncovering series. Every conceivable facet of the plane is photographed from every conceivable angle. The contents of every avionics bay and what is behind every access panel is exposed. Larger components, such as the engine, ejection seat, or missles are photographed out side of the plane. At the top corner of every page, there is a diagram of the plane with what is pictured filled in with red as well as a color coded tab with a text description. If you really want to know how these planes are constructed, there is no substitute for these books.

A very complete walk around the outside fuselage, with pictures taken from every angle

16 pages showing the cockpit, aft and lower crew compartments:

A quite complete overview of the landing gear and its four bays
(giving a double page for each wheel well)

Two double pages for the engines alone, showing the differences between them:

Eight pages are reserved for the bomb bay:

And the last part is all about the very variated armament the B-52H can carry:

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