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Uncovering the US Navy F-4 PhantomUncovering the US Navy F-4 PhantomUncovering the US Navy F-4 Phantom
Uncovering the US Navy F-4 Phantom
Uncovering the US Navy F-4 Phantom
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Product Description

By Danny Coremans
ISBN: 978-90-8067-9-0

All US Navy versions of the McDonnell Douglas (Q) F-4 B/J/N/S Phantom is uncovered. Although this aircraft doesn't fly with the US Navy for quite some years now, most of the F-4 N/S pictures were taken 5 years ago during the last weeks of their operational life with VX-30 at Point Mugu. These on-the-flightline and in-the-hangar photos are combined with recent taken pictures of F-4 B, J, N & S Phantoms preserved at museums all over the USA to make it one very complete book. You'll get clear & detailed pictures of the complete fuselage, both radar sets, the various ECM/RHAW systems (also the covers removed), the two wing variants (thin and thick wings), the two engine types, the different cockpits in crisp detail (and yes, you can read the instruments), the two ejection seats (Mk5 and Mk7), some NOLO in-flight pictures, a complete maintenance section, 18 pages of armament with several pictures taken during the Vietnam war and with accurate drawings from the hand of Jim Rotramel, and a pages with the end of several QF-4s.... This book has the size of 21 x 24 cm (5,33 x 9.5 inch), contains 176 pages + 2 additional large foldouts ( 1 meter / 40" long) with completely revised (and very accurate) 1/72nd & 1/48th scale drawings and the cockpit lay-out diagrams of the F-4B/N and F-4J/S by Willy Peeters.

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The whole fuselage and the differences between the various types is clearly given

A complete overview of the Nose Landing Gear and TEN pages are preserved for the Main Landing Gear and its different wells!

both radar sets are given in detail too (here's the F-4J/S)

a complete overview of the F-4B/N, F-4J/S and QF-4 cockpits are given, good for 44 pages of cockpit shots alone

a very complete section of Maintenance images is give too, showing a lot of open panels, engine removals, opened spine, just if they would have been in a phase bay yesterday.

And ending are we with a very complete selection of armament, from Sparrows & Sidewinders to Mk82 & Napalm bombs

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