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Wooden Model Cutaways

A Model AND a Print

Our model cutaways are a hybrid of a model and a print. Every model is constructed with six layers of basswood that are mounted on a baltic blue matte board and sealed behind glass in a cherry finish hardwood frame. Every basswood layer is based on a painstakingly created line drawing that meld hundreds of blueprints and photographs into an accurate slice of the cutaway.

The result is a print that has real depth and shadows or, from a different perspective, is a model that never gets dusty and can be hung from the wall. The above photograph of the U-Boat shows the depth that our models have behind the glass.

Our goal is to create heirlooms that get passed down through the generations. We are extremely flexible about creating custom nameplates, paint schemes, markings, or including photographs. We will tailor any of our planes or ships to be the actual one that your loved one served on.

Since we buy our frames in bulk, the total cost of one of our models approaches the cost of framing a lithograph. Our models come ready to be presented and do not require in a trip to high end framing store.

The hallmark of all of our titles is incredible detail and we are only limited by what the eye can see. We also strive for accuracy and all of our titles are based on blueprints, manuals, and photographs.

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